Podcast: The best script for motivated sellers

Use these tips when working with your have-to-sell clients
  • Never show up to a listing presentation without knowing why the seller is selling and by when.
  • Almost all of your listings should be have-to sellers.

As we continue our series on price reduction scripts, motivation is a major factor. There are two kinds of sellers: have-to and want-to sellers.

So, what is a have-to seller? They sell for:

  1. Financial reasons
  2. Short sale
  3. Probate
  4. Divorce

And how does this affect price? Motivation plus timeframe equals a better price.

A lack of motivation with no particular time frame ends up as poor pricing, seller’s pricing or an overpriced listing.

When you have want-to sellers, they usually sound like this: “Well, if it sells, it sells. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

What’s worse is that their lack of motivation usually comes with demands for endless marketing — without ever giving you the price adjustment you need to get the home sold.

Ask the questions. Be a professional, and when it’s time for a have-to seller to make a price adjustment, you can use this script with confidence.

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