Is your business plateauing? Try these 5 tips to level up

How to up your game in real estate
  • Having a vision of where your business is going will be your guidebook for the levels that will get you there.
  • Hosting a colleague’s open house or circulating in a high-end network will pull you out of your comfort zone, a necessary step in leveling up.
  • Raising your standards and re-evaluating your worth will set the tone for your business moving forward and potentially alter your commission.

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In the corporate world, there is a pecking order with defined levels; management, teams and assistants all work together to bring the CEO’s vision into reality. However, in the world of real estate, the roles exist within each and every real estate agent. Levels decided by you, the business owner. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the business, plateaus happen, and they are tricky beasts. The humbling moments that come (a big deal goes up in smoke or the market cools) can chip away at drive and ambition. In those scenarios, the next level becomes elusive, which leads the agent to lose sight of it. No matter the industry, businesses need destinations, and owners must have a compelling vision of what the future holds -- something they’re so connected to that they don’t wallow in the plateaus or linger in a comfort zone. Instead, they keep a steady pace toward the next level. The larger vision of one’s future is the most effective tool to cure a stagnant mind. H...