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Why land will always matter, micro-units or not

Looking at agricultural land for city-build use is absurd; here's why
  • Not all land is created equal -- land close to the seashore and within commuting distance in California is not like Colorado plains farmland.

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Understanding real estate is hard. Partly because real estate has characteristics different from financial markets (each piece is unique, uniquely located and can’t be moved to a better market for sale), but in equal part because of the fantastic misinformation pushed at us by alleged experts, often authentic ones in other fields. Is land really a 'disappointing investment'? Consider Robert Shiller, professor of economics at Yale. Author of “Irrational Exuberance,” properly applying Tobin’s Q to the stock market bubble, which peaked in January 2000, predicting its burst, the book published on the day the bubble blew. Shiller then began to fancy himself a predictive expert on the irrationality of crowds (there are few, if any such experts on crowds -- we are all mere observers). He then further assumed that he is an expert in real estate -- it had a bubble, and his wisdom must apply there, too. Shiller teamed with Karl Case to create the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price I...