StreetEasy 3D models show material details, natural lighting

  • StreetEasy announced the improvement of its 3-D floor plans supplied by New York-based tech company Floored.
  • The new models combine still images with a 2-D model to share a real-life depiction of a place's specific use of materials, such as an exposed brick wall and natural lighting.
  • The 3-D models will be available on select sale listings and rentals on the StreetEasy website.

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Inman Connect New York | January 29 - February 1, 2019

The more homebuyers and renters make their purchasing decisions online, the more detailed virtual property tours are going to get.

One of those recent improvements is the 3-D interactive floor plans by Floored that enable potential renters and buyers to get an in-person feel of what a space looks like.

The 3-D model was customized exclusively for StreetEasy.

While StreetEasy introduced its 3-D model last year to select listings, the new improvements are much more nuanced. Both accessible on desktop and mobile, the 3-D models provide views that tilt, represent physical textures, patterns and colors, and show real natural light.

This update helps to highlight a few important features of a living space today: exposed brick, natural lighting and hidden charm.

StreetEasy 3-D Floorplan (PRNewsFoto/StreetEasy)

StreetEasy 3-D Floorplan (PRNewsFoto/StreetEasy)

The process to create the interactive visualizations isn’t too complicated, either. The software uses listing photos and a 2-D floor plan, which come together to create the 3-D model. The overall process can take as little as 24 hours and doesn’t require in-house visits or specialized equipment.

The key is the material-recognition technology that detects those special features of a place. The finishes and textures detected in the supplied images are then matched to a catalog of materials and are imprinted in the 3-D model.

The 3-D models will be available for select for-sale listings and rentals on StreetEasy.

Floored is a New York-based technology company that coins its Luma tech as a “videogame-like experience for real estate professionals.”

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