The Inman Innovators I'd hedge my bets on

Innovation can come from anywhere, but when driven from necessity it has the power to enact long-term change
  • Smaller isn't always better, but it usually makes for a more compelling business story.
  • Despite their size, Spacio, Agentdesks and Agentpair are ready to make a big impact.
  • My love for the little guy doesn't mean I don't think some of the bigger names weren't also burning the candle at both ends. I'd keep an eye on RealtyCommander, Rocket Mortgage and Opendoor.

Inman’s Innovator Award finalists have been vetted and named. It’s an exhaustive list of everything and everybody currently making waves in this ever-evolving line of business. I think some of these waves will make for a better day in the surf than others.