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Property managers: Build a better brand for the long haul
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Pay gap hinders single women's homebuying power
Discrepancy identified between single women and men buying starter homes in 9 U.S. metros
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Renters show homeowner-like NIMBYism in top cities
A new paper from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies indicates that in some cities, renters oppose expanded housing
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On the dynamic between homes for rent and homes for sale
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Blackstone's single-family rental unit is going public
Invitation Homes filed confidentially for an IPO on November 30
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Short-term rentals don't have big impact on rent prices
A Zillow survey of experts indicates that although there's some effect, it's not dramatic
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Apartment market tightens -- that's bad news for housing
Apartments are the base of the pyramid -- think food chain, from plankton to krill to whales
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