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Micro condos coming to Houston in Surge Homes’ Hadley Building

Micro condos are commonplace in Europe, and now they are in Houston
  • Surge Homes is developing 14 micro condos in Parc at Midtown, a development located at 2401 Crawford St.
  • Surge Homes VIP certification program enrollees have already purchased all 14 units.
  • Micro condos are classified as units under 500 square feet in most cities.

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Urban living is not for everyone. Having everything you own neatly stored within the confines of your one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment, the sounds of the city, neighbors sleeping one wall away, no yard and commerce happening right outside your window -- it's just not for everyone. But where some see a hassle, others see an opportunity. Surge Homes, one of Houston's many developers helping prepare the city for inevitable growth, is thinking small in a big way with micro condos. Front of the Hadley Building, where the micro units are located. Micro condos and the future of urban living Micro condos are classified as living spaces confined to less than 500 square feet. This is not a new phenomenon around the world, but it has infiltrated the American real estate market recently as buzz word of sorts. The limitations of what can be classified as a micro apartment change from city to city: In Seattle, a micro apartment must be smaller than 285 square feet, while in San Fra...