Are LA neighborhoods in need of growth or preservation?

Two opposing coalitions aim to preserve LA neighborhoods with different schools of thought
  • The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is backed by the Coalition to Preserve L.A. with intentions to put a two-year hold on current spot zoning practices.
  • The similarly named Coalition to Protect L.A. Neighborhoods & Jobs is fighting against the initiative, citing its hurtful impact on affordable housing stock and the homeless population.
  • The measure will be on the March 2017 ballot, includes stricter rules on environmental impact reports and aims to hold L.A. officials more accountable for growth.

In Los Angeles, there’s a battle between the integrity of the city’s neighborhoods and the ability to grow, bring new jobs and decrease the homeless population. On one side of the ring is the Coalition to Preserve L.A. and in the other is the Coalition to Protect L.A. Neighborhoods and Jobs. Despite their ironically similar names and seemingly similar intentions — to protect Los Angeles — the groups have two polarizing ideals.