How safe do you feel on the job?

Tell us how you feel about your day-to-day safety in the real estate industry

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Last week, the Houston Association of Realtors released a warning on its website. Titled “HAR Safety Alert: Foot Fetish Creep is Back,” the alert warns Houston-area Realtors — female Realtors in particular — to be on the lookout for, well, a foot fetish creep.

“This is a man who has been on and off HAR’s and law enforcement’s radar for the past few years,” reads the warning. “Typically identifying himself as Andy or Eddie when he calls, he asks to be shown vacant properties above a certain dollar figure. He seems to target female agents whose photographs have been featured in ads in various print publications around the greater Houston area.”

September is Realtor Safety Month. Because of the unique nature of the job, real estate agents have unique safety concerns — and we’d like to know more about them.

Please tell us how you feel about your own safety on the job and the steps you take to ensure it. One winner will be selected to receive an Apple Watch.

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