Are fixer-upper homes really worth the price tag?

San Francisco, San Jose and Baltimore still have pretty good deals on fixer-upper homes. Miami? Not so much
  • The national fixer-upper discount is 7.6 percent from the median priced home, which leaves just $11,000 as a renovation budget to break even.
  • The largest incentive for fixer-upper homes is in San Francisco, where the fixer-upper discount is 9.4 percent, leaving homeowners $54,000 to make renovations.
  • Homebuyers in Phoenix are better off not buying a fixer-upper home, which only saves 0.4 percent, leaving $1,000 for renovations.

Some people get giddy at the thought of rolling up their sleeves and improving a home for profit, but do they really know the savings of a typical fixer-upper home in their market?