Are multifamily renovation investments worth it? Enodo Score answers

Multifamily amenities ROI calculator set to launch at the end of the year
  • Enodo Score collects data on rent, occupancy, amenities, square footage and unit mix, then aggregates with local and economic factors.
  • Users can add a new development to markets across the country and predict performance based on interior characteristics and amenities.
  • Property managers can use quantitative results to determine which features to highlight in marketing campaigns.

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Making sound geographical and renovation investments is a key to real estate profitability. While many investors rely on past experience and anecdotal evidence to determine how to deliver the highest returns, this lacks quantitative reasoning. A Chicago-based platform called Enodo Score plans to bring analytical evaluation to the equation. “We apply science to help real estate professionals make data-driven decisions,” said Marc Rutzen, co-founder and CTO of Enodo Score. “We provide the opportunity to quantify, in real dollar terms, what an improvement is going to do to raise rent and occupancy. From an investment perspective, this is something that hasn’t been available before.” Value Add Tool / Enodo Score Essentially, Enodo takes much of the guesswork out of ROI-driven decisions, such as modernizing a home to cast a wider market net and allowing investors to reap the long-term financial rewards. “Instead of saying ‘Tenants seem to prefer granit...