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Sick of the median? Coldwell Banker ranks most expensive markets for average home price

You can buy 38 homes in Detroit for the price of one in a certain California city
  • Coldwell Banker ranked 2,168 metros according to affordability for four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes.
  • The most expensive place to purchase this type of home is in Saratoga, California, where the average price for a home is $2,453,718.
  • The cheapest place to purchase this type of home is Detroit, where average price for a home is $64,110.
  • The top 11 places on the list are in California

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Hakone Gardens home in Saratoga, California/Flickr user tpavel Median home price can kick rocks: Coldwell Banker just ranked over 2,000 metro areas in terms of their average price for similar four-bedroom, two-bathroom houses. Looking at home prices in 2,168 markets, Coldwell Banker detemined that Saratoga, California, had the highest average price for four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes. On the opposite end of that spectrum sits Detroit. The difference in price between homes in the markets? A mere $2,389,608. The average price for the specified category of homes Coldwell Banker focused on in Saratoga is $2,453,718, while Detroit's is only $64,110. This means that instead of buying one average home in Saratoga, you could purchase 38 in Detroit. And there's a lot in between these two extreme markets. New York The most expensive average home price in New York State is in Rye Brook (43 overall), according to Coldwell Banker. Homes in this area average $912,226. ...