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How do you create customers for life? Diligence and craft

'If we've got to be digital -- we also have to be human, because that's the thing that connects us to other people.'

Learn the New Luxury Playbook at Luxury Connect | October 18-19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel

"Losing sucks, but if you can have some caring and respect for the person you've lost to, it's a little inspirational -- it makes you want to get back up again." That's the lesson Placester's vice president of marketing, Seth Price, learned at an early age while going toe-to-toe (playfully!) with his uncle. On stage at Inman Connect San Francisco, he discussed how the skills he learned cooking and practicing martial arts apply to real estate -- watch the video now: "If you practice a little bit every day, day in and day out, you actually get really good at it. You get better than most people in the world -- if you don't stop." "We're warriors. This is not for the faint of heart. When you look at your bank balance or your P&L and you are responsible for making sure that the lights stay on, this is not a small task." "What's the line that you won't cross in your business? What's the line that you will cross, that you will hang the banner high, and that's who you are?" ...