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Ivy Lofts get a redesign in architecture and finance options

It's up to the new design as to whether or not the Ivy Lofts grow in Houston
  • Ivy Lofts developers fired the original architect and are planning for a redesigned development.
  • The original floor plans, save for The Tokyo plan, have been scrapped.
  • Starting prices have increased to around $150,000, up from the original $119,000.

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Back in March, the forthcoming Ivy Lofts were hot. Developers were offering affordable units to Houstonians, and even some outside investors were snatching them up. But this Ivy didn't keep growing quite like its evergreen namesake. In June, The Ivy Lofts announced some changes on the horizon for the development, which meant less living units and new hotel and retail space. The Tokyo, but without the additional two feet of space being added in the new design. But there was a lack of communication between developers, Novel Creative Design LLC, and the clients and general public. Phone calls went unanswered and disgruntled Facebook messages were met with vague responses, according to potential buyers. Jared Anthony, currently on the marketing and public relations staff for the project, said the communication blackout was a terrible way to handle it. Anthony was an agent at Re/Max Inner Loop when this happened. In his current role, he's the only remaining member f...