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Say hello to the nation’s next mega MLS: ‘Bright MLS’

Public filing reveals Tom Phillips will be new venture's CEO
  • MRIS and TREND have officially incorporated their consolidation project as Bright MLS Inc.
  • A public filing reveals who will be Bright MLS's CEO, chief strategy officer and chief financial officer.

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A year-old consolidation initiative that could unite more than 100,000 agents and brokers under one MLS umbrella appears to have an official name: Bright MLS Inc. Two of the nation’s biggest MLSs, Metropolitan Regional Information Systems Inc. (MRIS) and The Delaware Valley Real Estate Information Network Inc. (TREND), announced their intention to merge and usher in the "next era of MLS" in September 2015. Now, Inman has found that the project, known as MLS Evolved, was officially incorporated as Bright MLS Inc. in Delaware on Sept. 27, according to Delaware's Department of State website. Bright MLS Inc. also submitted a public filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, Nov. 17, notifying the SEC that common stock of Bright MLS Inc. was being exchanged for the securities of MRIS and TREND. This appears to be a step toward consolidating the ownership of the two MLSs under Bright MLS's roof. Shareholder affirmation required MRIS and TREND declin...