Should real estate agents take their kids to property showings?

Mixing children with work can sometimes benefit everyone, but agents should use discretion
  • Some agents find bringing their children to appointments can be an effective way to juggle client needs with family life.
  • Delegating tasks, like hunting for home defects or setting up for-sale signs, can make the experience fun for everyone, they say.
  • But agents should weigh a client's preferences and their children's behavior before mixing family with work.

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When Realtor Darrel Scott brought his son to a showing this year, he set the child loose on the property’s swing set and trampoline. "My client watched him and said, 'My daughter would have just as much fun as he is,'" Scott said, speaking of a moment when his client watched his son frolicking in the backyard. “So the offer went in right away.” Scott, an Olympia, Washington-based agent, is one of many real estate professionals who sometimes cart their children to appointments. It’s a way for agents to juggle client needs with family life, and it can even work in their favor. Just remember to exercise discretion, practitioners say. Leave a client hanging or take the kid along 'The kids love putting up signs with me,' says Frenchtown, New Jersey-based Realtor Howard Spencer. The “on-demand” zeitgeist and housing shortages are putting more pressure than ever on agents to open homes for clients lickety-split. So agents with children are often faced with a c...