‘Breaking news’ video spoof sways real estate agents to adopt tech

A brokerage's unconventional approach to introducing two new in-house tools got agents' attention
  • Manhattan firm Halstead Property informed 1,000 agents about two new tech tools at the same time with a "breaking news" video broadcast that was shown at different brokerage offices simultaneously.
  • The unconventional (and silly) approach caught agents' attention and seems to have resonated across the brokerage.

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A staff email gets lost among the product offers and client demands overflowing real estate agent inboxes. Nobody loves an after-lunch PowerPoint stuffed with bullets. And individual conversations simply aren’t efficient. So how do you convince the brokerage masses that -- seriously -- this new in-house tech is worth their attention? Halstead Property, a real estate brokerage firm in Manhattan, came up with a way to introduce two new tech tools to 1,000 agents at the same time: a video broadcast. The unconventional approach was well-received -- and, most importantly, got agents listening. (This video is not the full version but highlight reel/preview provided by Halstead.) Breaking news: here’s the tech you need The challenge poised to Halstead management was encouraging tech adoption without making it required. The tools that were part of the rollout included: Instant Value: a proprietary pricing tool for agent pitch presentations, price reduction conversati...