5 easy fixes for real estate lead generation campaign problems

  • State your intent clearly to better ensure that only interested parties visit your page.
  • A/B test and optimize your campaigns for conversion.
  • Change your Facebook ad creative regularly.
  • Optimize your landing pages for mobile.

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Whether you are using Zillow,, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or a third-party display network to generate more leads, there are best practices and tricks to optimize your campaigns. I thought I’d share my top five. Now, when I say optimization, I mean three things: Decreasing your cost to acquire a lead/customer, your CAC Increasing the speed at which leads come in Increasing the conversion of leads into appointments and sales State your intent very clearly on the ads If you ask the creator of any successful digital marketing campaign, regardless of industry, one pattern that you will find is that all of the campaigns had very clear ad copy. This means that the prospect knows you’re trying to sell them, they know what you’re selling and they are OK with it. This increases the chance they will convert into sales. Whenever you are creating a new marketing campaign to target homesellers or homebuyers, be clear as to what you are offering and why so...