The top 9 video marketing trends for Realtors in 2017

You can't ignore this popular storytelling platform
  • Video offers the best medium for people to connect and experience who you are and what you have to offer.
  • The trend toward native video on social media has reached an all-time high, with Facebook leading the charge. Repurpose videos across multiple platforms for maximum reach.
  • Live video is now mainstream: The opportunity to view information, products, services and deals in real time imparts urgency on consumers.
  • Make your videos targeted by identifying types of buyers and sellers. Create personalized content for each segment.

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Marketers have said it before: "This is the year that video content marketing will explode!" While over time this has become more true, in 2017 video will no longer be a luxury but a marketing necessity for your content strategy. Often the reluctance toward video creation stems from the time, money and expertise it requires. Most people don’t start shooting videos because they don’t know how, don't have the equipment, don’t think they’ll be good at it or simply aren’t aware of its value. If you’re a Realtor or marketer who has one of these apprehensions, start paying close attention -- because that’s where your customers are and how they prefer to receive their information. A marketer's job is to listen to the masses and give them what they want. By ignoring video content marketing, you’re telling your clients that you don’t care about them. With 2016 about to come to a close, let’s get into the specifics and see what trends will continue to ...