The 5 most common fears when it comes to buying a home

  • Every buyer experiences varying levels of fear when purchasing real estate.
  • Whether a first-time or seasoned buyer, the types of fears are similar but can become more involved as one's personal experience with real estate grows.
  • Buyers can manage fears by working with an experienced real estate professional who has encountered a variety of concerns and challenges in every transaction and knows how to mitigate them.

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Let’s face it: Buying and selling real estate can be a scary process. It is often the single largest transaction that people make, and it is not something most people do every day (unless you are an agent!). Whether you are a buyer or seller, everyone has fears surrounding real estate transactions -- known and unknown. Here are the most common fears that buyers have: 1. Price Are your buyers paying a fair price for the home? What if they are overpaying? What if similar properties in the area sell for less or prices drop? Should the buyer have waited, or did they pull the trigger too late? 2. Buying a money pit This is a big concern for every buyer, no matter how novice or seasoned they may be. What if the inspection finds major issues, or what if there are more problems of a deeper nature discovered upon moving in? If a seller wishes to sell the property “as is,” a buyer wonders “what are they hiding?” If buyers are planning to renovate, they often wo...