Cara's Stories

The worst thing a negotiator can do is create an expectation of how an offer will be received
Feb 6
These projects impact everyone in proximity to the home — and their home values, sellability and general mental state
Jan 23
Here are the top six myths about online property shopping -- busted
Jan 9
It's time to get down to brass tacks and focus on what your seller clients really need
Dec 26
Seasoned agents have learned not to take prospects at their word — ultimately, their actions, or lack thereof, will show their true intentions
Dec 12
When homeowners put limits on the possibilities, they create a more difficult and cumbersome selling experience
Nov 28
When they ask if it's possible to put just a few things in the house before closing — and they will ask — just say 'no'
Nov 14
Put in the extra effort now for smooth sailing (and selling) later
Oct 31