Bi-coastal broker Cara Ameer outlines the problems, concerns and frustrations inherent in the terms of NAR's commission lawsuit settlement as agents learn to navigate a new reality
Mar 18
Don't buy into the commission rhetoric that says the U.S. should do things more like they do in Australia, Cara Ameer writes. Each country has its own dynamics, customs and economics
Mar 5
Change always brings chaos and disruption, broker Cara Ameer writes. While many of these issues have been lurking in the background, they illustrate the work that remains to be done
Mar 1
If you don't ask your buyers the right questions, writes broker associate Cara Ameer, before you travel too far down the road with them, you could end up wasting their time and yours
Dec 14
Don't be a shrinking violet when it comes to your compensation. Broker Cara Ameer teaches you how to ask for what you're worth and have that tough buyer commission talk
Nov 15
Broker Cara Ameer writes that, from a leaky icemaker to a stellar professional reputation, the work of a buyer agent can make or break a home purchase
Nov 13
From clients who ghost you to security concerns and more, the ever-changing real estate industry can be a pretty scary place
Oct 30
Broker Cara Ameer helps you think through the implications of the current bombshell commission lawsuits and what they may mean for your business
Oct 17
Insurance as a hot-button issue is likely not going away anytime soon. As long as Mother Nature is in control, agents, buyers and sellers need to be more proactive than ever
Aug 24
This market will be another badge of honor we can add to our resume, and will position us to be the best possible advisers to clients and prospects
May 12
Solid communication, attention to detail and a willingness to go the extra mile are all necessary to create a well-thought-out contract package
May 8
With all of the recent changes to the market, what questions are sellers likely to ask this year and how do you best address them?
Apr 22
There are many ways to handle objections from potential clients. Here's how to make your response authentic and effective
Apr 5
The more a buyer is educated about the ins and outs of a transaction, the more comfortable they'll be with bumps in the road
Mar 29
Working with a team is as much of an exercise in self-improvement, commitment to excellence and accountability for the team leader as it is for members on the team
Feb 13
As interest rates rise and the market shifts, some contract terms have become irrelevant, at least for the time being. Here’s what's hot and what’s not when negotiating offers today
Nov 23
In today's complex market, it takes give-and-take on both sides of the transaction to make sure you get to the closing table
Nov 2
It's not as easy as it looks on TV
Oct 12
The past 2 years in real estate were like a party that just kept going. Here's how to navigate what's next
Oct 10
By the time buyers attend the final walkthrough, they may be stressed out and nitpicking. Here are the items that may set them off, along with ways to offset their frustrations
Aug 8