Could neuroscience humanize real estate app development?

How an agency is using EEG tech to collect brain signals and inform UX

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NEW YORK -- Have you ever tried using an app once, only to immediately hit "delete" because it made your brain hurt? Firat Parlak, founder, Awesome UX & UI Design Agency+, and his company are taking an innovative approach to app development to fix just that. "How we can be responsible as UX designers? We have responsibility when it comes to humanizing tech," Parlak said at Inman's Hacker Connect conference. What's missing is attention to emotional intelligence, which can accomplish or address the following when baked into design: Make info easy to scan (users can't multitask) Account for user mistakes Make up for the unreliability of human memory (you can't trust it) Play to human emotions and senses (UI -- user interface -- sounds and UI animations) Understand how decisions are emotional not logical While normal app design comes from a visual and logical standpoint (think Post-its, asking questions and conducting interviews) Parlak is designing with ...