How a group of agents figured out the secret to Snapchat listings

Create an account that multiple agents can control, then set them loose
  • Snaplistings is a Snapchat account that features apartments for rent and for sale in New York City.
  • Snaplistings has a rotation of four agents who take over the account on Mondays through Thursdays, and they post live videos of listings, answer renter and buyer questions on-the-spot, and schedule offline viewings.
  • The founders, Dolly Meckler and Michael Hoffman, are working on expanding the brand to feature more agents in more areas across the nation and the globe.

Over the past year, real estate agents have been delving into the wonderful world of Snapchat — a social media platform that has tons of potential for agents who’d especially like to reach the millennial crowd, with features like fun personalized filters, live photos and videos and a kind of instant access unseen in any other app.