3 ways to think like an agent and post like a friend on Instagram

Inman Connect On The Road Chicago session recap
  • Don't skip tags on Instagram unless you want to kill your lead generation.
  • Canva and Ripl are great apps to jazz up your Instagram pics.
  • If you're not commenting or liking other people's posts, you're killing your Instagram success.

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Originally shared at Inman Connect on the Road Chicago as 3 Deal-Killers to Growing Your Business on Instagram Remember the days when you had to pay per line or character to most effectively market your listings and business? In the heyday of print advertising, we real estate agents learned how to succinctly create ads that just gave the bare-bone basics, due to cost. But the problem is: we have brought those habits to Instagram, where you likely stick out like an aggravating sore thumb. To grow your network on Instagram, think like an agent but post like a friend In other words, please put on your consumer hat: If the double-tap-worthy posts are funny, sad, thought-provoking, humbling or eye-candy, then you will not win being terse, dry and salesy. As a consumer, if you would skip over your own post, then Houston, we have a problem! Here are three ways to grow your reach on Instagram by thinking like an agent but posting like a friend. 1. Get personal When you po...