Do you have what it takes to work the ultra-luxury real estate market?

What you'll need if you want to break into the ultra-high-net-worth game

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Behind the glitz and glitter of the Million Dollar Agent shows, the hard truth is that very few agents break into the stratosphere of the ultra-high end market. Client expectations are through the roof, competition is akin to a great white shark feeding frenzy and everyone is ready to lawyer up the moment anything goes wrong. When it comes to selling real estate in ultra-high-end markets such as Beverly Hills-Bel Air, the Hamptons, Manhattan, Miami or San Francisco, over-the-top-broker open houses, exceedingly expensive marketing campaigns and coping with celebrity egos and tight-fisted business managers have always been part of the landscape. If you are interested in knowing what is required to play in the ultra-luxury market, here are a few of the basics. 1. An understanding of the two primary types of luxury clients Stanley and Danko’s The Millionaire Next Door and Robert Frank’s Richistan describe the two primary types of luxury clients. Millionaires next door don...