Real estate agents: Stop commoditizing yourselves

How do you describe what you do to consumers?

Reposted with permission from Matt Bonelli.

Stop commoditizing yourself!

Agents, brokers and owners are always talking about how they are fearful that technology could one day replace the real estate agent. Sure, there are companies trying to do that very thing right now, but that’s not the problem.

We have been commoditizing ourselves for years and we don’t know how to turn it around.

When you describe what you do, do you often say things like “I’m a real estate agent” or “I help people buy and sell homes” or something similar? That job description can be replaced by a computer.

You do way more than that though, don’t you?

You are a proactive real estate adviser helping everyone you meet navigate through the dynamic real estate marketplace. Don’t lump yourself in as just another real estate agent. Step it up a notch and tell people what you really do, and more importantly, why you do it.

So, what do you do for a living?

Matt Bonelli is a manager and broker associate for Turpin Realtors’ Chatham office in Chatham, New Jersey. You can follow him on Twitter or learn more about him on LinkedIn.