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RPR beefs up agent training as Upstream enters next phase

Participating brokers and their agents must add and edit all MLS listings in data management platform
  • Realtors Property Resource (RPR) has inked a deal with a subsidiary of the Kansas Association of Realtors, REBR, to supplement its agent training on Upstream.
  • Brokers who choose to use Upstream to enter their listings into their MLS must enter and edit all of their MLS listings via Upstream.
  • RPR says it hired REBR in part because of "the potential for rapid market level expansion" of Upstream.
  • Upstream is beginning its second pilot with seven new markets, but so far only two MLSs have unequivocally confirmed they will participate.

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Entering listings into the MLS and other systems is a basic -- but crucial -- part of a real estate agent's job. And it's one that's about to change for agents caught up in a prominent industry initiative. Broker data management company UpstreamRE aims to provide brokers with a single point of entry to manage their data. Its platform will function as a go-between among real estate firms and the recipients of their data, including MLSs, making Upstream the starting point. Upstream will begin beta testing its platform sometime this year, according to a press release. To get agents and brokers up to speed, the company building the Upstream platform -- Realtors Property Resource (RPR) -- has signed an agreement with a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kansas Association of Realtors, Real Estate Business Resources (REBR) to beef up web-based end-user training. Thus far, Upstream's "Phase 1" pilot program has consisted of five guinea pig markets and 16 brokerages. The first pilot...