How to respond when real estate clients demand to know your politics

  • In a polarized political climate, clients may press real estate agents and brokers on their personal politics.
  • Real estate professionals' job is to serve each client to the best of their ability regardless of political affiliations. But not every client is a match.
  • To formulate an appropriate response in a tense circumstance, remember that respect is key, say something nice or don't say anything, and always fight fire with water.

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

You are a real estate professional who is dedicated to doing the best possible job for each and every one of your clients, regardless of their political affiliation. When a potential client demands to know where you stand with respect to the current administration or some other controversial issue, how do you respond? I love hearing from Inman readers and always learn from their comments, especially when they disagree with me. I recently wrote a column that began with the following two paragraphs: "Some of the most memorable moments at every Inman Connect are the key insights and the sage advice that puts everything into perspective. "This year’s Inman Connect New York was no exception, starting with a proclamation from staff at The New York Times -- 'We love Donald Trump -- he’s been great for our business!'" A few days later, I received the following email from a reader: "I don’t understand this comment: 'This year’s Connect was no exception, starti...