Politically active and proud of it, Boston agent rises to the top

Anne Mahon has never hidden her passions, preferring to be open about what she thinks her town and country needs
  • Voicing her political beliefs has not harmed Re/Max agent Anne Mahon's career. Rather, it has enhanced it.
  • The Re/Max Leading Edge agent believes new homeowners in her town should become involved in making it a better place.
  • When agents sell someone a home, they are taking on a new friend for life and should help introduce their client to the community.

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If House Hunters made a pit stop at one of Anne Mahon's open houses, the buyers might be in for a bit of a shock. They wouldn't be left alone to look around the house and complain, that's for sure. Instead they may find themselves facing some tough questions from an agent who can't stand it when industry professionals stay glued to their phones at their own events. Mahon, based in Belmont, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, has a more strategic approach: "You tell me what you are prepared do for this town and this community, and maybe I'll let you buy this house." Anne Mahon "I don’t make open houses about the house," she explained. "I will tell people how the town is managed, how I expect them to be on the PTA or other organizations, town committees and how change is needed. "The towns need a group of community activists so that the town can run smoothly, efficiently and with the majority in mind. I tell them that’s my expectation of my buyers -- to be more ...