How Trulia’s ‘computer vision’ is helping consumers find the perfect home

  • Computer vision technology teaches computers to view, dissect and understand images, and then automatically identify and tag features that would be attractive to a potential buyer.
  • A number of real estate companies, such as RealScout and Zillow, are using the technology, and Trulia has developed a proprietary imaging processing system to better serve their consumers.
  • Trulia uses computer technology in conjunction with big data to identify and tag features in listing photos, recommend listings and provide tailor-made content to users.

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

The human brain can fully process an image in 13 milliseconds and identify approximately 100 million colors, which is one of the reasons why sellers and agents alike still rely on and trust human appraisers more than online valuations, like Zillow's Zestimates and Redfin Estimate. But online valuations, listings and search tools are benefiting from computer vision, a quickly developing technology that mirrors the human brain's knack for quickly and accurately processing images. In March 2015, RealScout founder and CEO Andrew Flachner talked about his company's use of computer vision, saying that buyers don't measure "home" in square feet. Instead, they focus on other elements of a home, such as a spacious backyard for their child to play in or an open floor plan that can adapt to changing needs. “Agents and brokers who effectively integrate these technologies will be able to better cater to their clients’ needs, and will naturally be in higher demand,” he said. Make fi...