Podcast: How computer vision will transform your world

Andrew Flachner explains the industry trend

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This week we are happy to welcome Andrew Flachner, the CEO and co-founder of Real Scout. Flachner joins us to discuss an extremely important trend that is already transforming your life -- computer vision. Although you might not have heard of computer vision, it is already making profound changes in many fields, including real estate. [audio mp3=""] Here’s what Flachner will be covering: The definition of computer vision and how it works. Clients can now do room-by-room comparisons. How computer vision is transforming transportation and cancer diagnosis. For real estate, why photos are worth zero words. What man-machine symbiosis is and how it will impact your real estate business. How computer vision is already impacting real estate search and what you can expect to see now and in the near future. Bernice Ross, CEO of, is a national speaker, autho...