Should you join a real estate team? Dueling perspectives

  • Real estate teams can surround and guide new agents while offering resources and the opportunity to scale.
  • Others see teams as setting agents up to grow someone else’s business -- while multiple communication channels can confuse clients.

Faster. Better. Together.
Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Teams have become a permanent fixture in today’s sophisticated real estate environment, and proponents argue that they can give agents the best of both worlds: Work-life balance and top producer status. Moreover, the formula can provide new agents the opportunity to pay their dues and learn the ropes before clients trust them with a deal that could forever impact their financial future. But do real estate teams come with a dark underbelly? Does their true purpose operate in the best interests of the client, or are they all about agents getting more business? Finally -- can they be a nightmare to work with? Here, two industry pros give their seasoned and dueling perspectives. Read on and hear the case for (presented by Jill Penman) and against (presented by Charlie Peterson) real estate teams. 'So how many homes have you sold?' The case for real estate teams By Jill Penman If you are new to real estate, you'll soon find that it's way too competitive to tackle on...