Everything real estate agents need to know about open houses

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An open house is a powerful tool to sell a home, yet some agents dismiss it as an old method that’s used only to satisfy the seller. They feel that the full day of work that’s required, which includes marketing, creating pamphlets, preparing the home and showing it, may not be worth their time. However, many agents feel just the opposite and continue using this method as a means to help their clients sell their homes. If you’re a real estate agent who is currently working with a client who wants to host an open house, do you know where to get started? Even seasoned agents can learn some extra tips to help make every open house more rewarding for both the seller and the agent hosting it. If you’re looking for some useful information, the tips below can certainly help. Why host an open house? For any homeowner and the agent they’re working with, the main goal of hosting an open house is to sell their home! By opening it up to all visitors for a dedicated amount of...