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An open house is a powerful tool to sell a home, yet some agents dismiss it as an old method that’s used only to satisfy the seller. They feel that the full day of work that’s required, which includes marketing, creating pamphlets, preparing the home and showing it, may not be worth their time.

Apr 17

You have just launched your brand spanking new real estate website, and after many months of hard work, you are starting to reap the rewards of a steady flow of visitors coming and going. Most certainly you are serious about your online presence, and by now you have probably already spied on most of your competition’s sites to get a few good ideas to implement.

Aug 29

Recently reflecting back on the time I’d spent with clients, I realized that working with out-of-town buyers was one of the most rewarding experiences and best returns for my time.

Jul 19

Just keep in mind that it’s all going to come down to two things: offering a reason to sign up and making it easy to register. If you’re able to bridge these two obstacles, you will see an enormous increase in the people willing to give you their information. Below you’ll see different ideas you can take to help improve your website sign-ups.

Jun 29