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Real estate industry’s Upstream project pivots, shifts strategy

The initiative's original plan proved too ambitious

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The much-hyped Upstream project has “pivoted,” according to its CEO Alex Lange who shared details of the shift at a private lunch today at the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) legislative meetings in Washington, D.C. Initially to the chagrin of some of its own board members and the leadership of its sugar daddy (NAR), the big broker group has dramatically shrunk its scope in which just two years ago it promised to be a “single source of truth” for broker information. Pivots are common with tech startups. Often founders are overly ambitious with their plans and promises or find their original business model does not work and they must change course. The original Upstream plan was to insert itself before the multiple listing service (MLS). But this tack has proven more difficult than envisioned. After getting a cool response from many MLS organizations, the big broker group shifted its strategy and now brokers will enter their listings into their MLSs instea...