Luxury holds steady despite overall Manhattan market slowdown in Q4
As prices and transaction volume both fell in Manhattan's market at large year over year, luxury properties priced at or above $10M still managed to perform well to close out 2022
The Real Word's predictions for the 2023 market
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White are talking about the end-of-year Case-Schiller update, the Twitter account real estate agents should be following, the marketing trends that won't make it into 2023 and the pitfalls of quiet quitting
by Byron Lazine Dec 30
Monthly payments drop $300 and some homebuyers wade back in
As home price growth has slowed, mortgage payments have decreased and days on market have risen, homebuyers dip their toes back into the market, according to a new report from Redfin
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 23
Team structures are absolute nonsense: The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White are talking about teams, teamerages, and expansion teams and their effect on rankings, how agents can help buyers obtain down payment assistance, plus topics from left, middle and right
by Byron Lazine Dec 22
Two key charts to make sense of the crazy US housing market
Media headlines focusing on a pending US housing market crash are based on limited data that's skewed by the outsized 2021 numbers
by Mike DelPrete Dec 12
Here are the 10 best (and worst) cities for women in real estate
Women in real estate in Toledo make 136% of the earnings of men in real estate in the city, survey says. Women also hold a majority of real estate jobs in the city at 59% of all real estate jobs
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 30
All brokerages are entering the winter of real estate: Mike DelPrete
Now that earnings are in for the big box brokerages, the anticipated revenue decline is clear. But does it tell the whole story?
by Mike DelPrete Nov 30
Proptech’s leader has been crashing on our couch this whole time
Stop talking about proptech without even a whiff of the defining company in the category entering the chat. The largest proptech company is rarely mentioned
by Drew Meyers Nov 29
Decide already! 8 steps for beating analysis paralysis with confidence
Not sure how to make a decision or guide your clients to one? This simple formula provides a process that leads to clarity and confidence
by Bernice Ross Nov 29
'No housing bubble': An economist's top 10 predictions for 2023
Cut through the online clutter and armchair quarterbacking of the real estate industry with these expert predictions from Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner
by Matthew Gardner Nov 28
Compass must cut faster and deeper to break even in 2023: DelPrete
With a historically high cash burn, Compass needs to cut faster and deeper than most other brokerages — and it is
by Dani Vanderboegh Nov 16
Opendoor is where Zillow Offers was a year ago: Mike DelPrete
A year ago, Zillow Offers was in a similar position to where Opendoor now finds itself, and Zillow shut down its iBuying operations. Here's why the path forward might be different this time
by Mike DelPrete Nov 7
America's biggest homes are just 30 miles from the country's tiniest lofts
From Tennessee to Michigan, 18 states lay claim to the country's largest and smallest homes now on the market, according to a new analysis. But the wildest extremes can be found in 1 region
We're poised for a great housing fall, y'all: What Q4 has in store
The big question: Will this autumn be the bottom? Expert Chris Drayer offers his predictions for the months ahead
by Chris Drayer Oct 31
The economic outlook for real estate: Dark days ahead?
Instead of disputing the economic news, searching for a ray of sunshine, or ignoring it, Compass' Rich Hopen goes beyond the headlines to understand what is going on
by Rich Hopen Oct 27
Homeowners association rules are as spooky as the grim reaper: Study
As Halloween approaches and Americans begin to get into the spooky spirit, some homeowners association regulations are poised to cramp ghoulish decorations, a new survey shows
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 25