Tiny to the Nth degree: The UK’s dorm-room size housing

Where some flats measure 140 square feet
  • The UK's tiny house movement is a real, honest-to-goodness trend.

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Claudia Hartley works from home as a knitted textile designer. But if she were employed outside her house, she’d “have no trouble at all” making her small flat in Brighton, England work. “It’s just important to be a bit more selective” about items she wants versus those she needs. The size of her micro apartment? Thirteen square meters, or just under 140 square feet. Or about the size of a decent college dorm room, according to -- the British equivalent of the States' “We Buy Ugly Houses” company, aka HomeVestors of America. Claudia Hartley's home in Brighton, England. In a recent study, the company found that the U.K. has the smallest houses in Europe. The average three-bedroom home countrywide measures 947 square feet, considerably smaller than in the U.S., where the median is 1,900 square feet, according to the National Association of Realtors -- and 5.3 square feet smaller than the regulatory minimum here. It is similar to the so-ca...