3 tech trends to keep your eyes on in 2017

The biggest takeaways from the most important real estate tech conference in the first half of 2017
  • 3-D and VR might not take off until an external influence drives consumers to adopt the hardware (headsets) to support real estate use.
  • Smart home devices are well on their way, but they come with risks that some consumers don't consider.
  • Bots could be the strongest area of potential for real estate.

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When I was talking to one of the vendors -- Zvi Band from Contactually -- after Inman Connect New York (ICNY) in January, he told me that he noticed something interesting about the questions that agents and brokers were asking him this year. “This time there were a lot of questions around: 'What ROI have you been able to drive, what adoption rates do you have, who’s using it and what proof do you have?'” He added that he thinks this indicates a coming of age in the real estate industry. “I think in real estate, there’s been a lot of shiny object syndrome. There was a surprising backlash recently -- meaning, 'are all these tools I’m buying and this money I’m spending month over month -- is it working out for me?'" We saw three general areas of tech trends at ICNY this year. Will these tools help your business -- and how, exactly? Are they easy for agents to use, and will agents adopt them? What will they do for you? 3-D/virtual reality/augmented real...