The truth about procrastination and overcoming distractions

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What misconceptions do we have about procrastination?

What does it truly indicate?

In this clip from Real Estate Uncensored, you’ll learn what really drives procrastination and why we push some tasks off.

David Greenwood shares how we should view it.

“Procrastination sometimes isn’t that bad. Sometimes you just need time to think something through, and you come up with a better way of doing something.” — David Greenwood

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Procrastination and ADD

  • The positive side of ADD is creativity.
  • Stay in your lane: successful people with ADD focus on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses.
  • Procrastination isn’t a time management issue, it’s an emotional coping strategy.

Focus on the positives

ADD can actually be an advantage to entrepreneurs: It allows for greater creativity and the chance to hone your strengths and build a business around what you really like.

In marketing, people with ADD can benefit from putting out content that suits their personality and attracts people like them.

Watch the full episode below to see the insights we shared on:

  • The PR practices that are most effective
  • Why people need to be everywhere
  • Tactics for turning ADHD into an advantage
  • The book writing and publishing process

“Successful people with ADD focus on their strengths and push off their weaknesses.” — David Greenwood

The keys to overcoming the distractions are:

  • Routine
  • Time management
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Exercising
  • Focus on fixing problems, not dwelling on them

Matt Johnson is the founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast production firm. He is also the co-host of Real Estate Uncensored, a real estate training podcast and video series.