Matt's Stories
Why hustle is the key to growing your real estate business
Take any opportunity you can find to grow and expand
Sep 6
How honest communication builds rapport with clients
Keep communication open and honest for easier deals and a more pleasant experience for everyone
Aug 31
How to D.R.I.V.E. yourself to success in real estate
Find what makes you and your vision of the future unique, and see how that's best utilized
Aug 30
What should you expect from a CRM worth paying for?
Working your database with Michael Helllickson
Aug 29
Team motivation: Tactics for cold calling and follow up
Stay consistent, and commit to completing your task
Aug 24
Handling objections: How to chase and unpack the 'no'
Start seeing rejections as opportunities rather than failures
Aug 22
How to overcome client objections with honesty
Give your clients good advice, and they will remember you forever
Aug 16
Why being authentic is a winning strategy that pays off
Leigh Brown: 'People want you to be a human because that's why they need us for real estate'
Aug 15