Does the public still want real estate agents?

  • Although the internet is where the majority of buyers find homes, there has been a 10 percent increase in consumers who use agents over the last 20 years.

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I started working in real estate back in 1995 -- one year before realtor.com was founded, nine years before Trulia (2004) and 11 years before Zillow (2006). Along the way, I’ve seen providers, sites and tests come and go, and each had been accompanied by some fear from agents and Realtors who thought they'd lose control of their listings or be phased out like taxis (because of Uber), travel agencies (because of Expedia) and land lines (because of cell phones). The latest threat is Zillow Instant Offers, which allows investors to connect with sellers directly, with or without the help of an agent. Agents, you're still needed We’re still here. Statistics show our industry is stronger than ever. Buyers tend to find homes on their own, but they still want assistance; sellers list homes, but they are willing to pay a buyer’s agent or a transaction broker to manage the transaction between the two parties. Uber riders aren’t contacting taxi drivers to make sure their Ube...