How to attract the best agents in your market with great leadership

Respect your agents enough to listen to their opinions with the willingness to learn from their suggestion
  • Listen to your agents and consider their suggestions seriously. People hate working for bosses who refuse to listen.
  • Be the type of boss millennial agents like working for by making yourself accessible and staying involved with day-to-day business operations.
  • Foster the type of work environment people enjoy by delegating tasks in a hands-off manner. Micromanagement is counterproductive.

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Attract the best agents in your market by mastering leadership principles and employing the management practices people respect most. Recent guest Hans Finzel, author of Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader, shared many of these principles and practices during his interview with Pat Hiban. Keep reading for a few of the highlights that will help you attract and retain the best agents with great leadership. To learn even more about how to be a great leader, listen to the complete podcast below. [audio mp3=""] Attract the best agents with a willingness to listen and learn Want to know what all terrible bosses have in common? They don’t listen. Not only do people hate feeling like their opinion doesn’t count, people hate working for bosses who refuse to try new things. If you want to attract the best agents, you need to be willing to listen to them and eager to learn from them. Think about it like this: wh...