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Trulia shares the biggest homeowner (and renter) regrets about choosing a home

What homeowners, renters, millennials and boomers are regretting (or not) about their most recent home decision
  • Homeowners regret not choosing a larger home, while renters wish they'd taken the leap to buy.
  • Parents and high-income respondents were more likely to report regrets.

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Do you know if that buyer you helped find a house last year is really happy with her choice ... or do you think she feels like she settled for less? According to "Real Estate Regrets: Recovery Edition"  -- new research from real estate portal Trulia comparing a sentiment survey from 2013 with new data collected between June 28 and June 30 this year -- the biggest homeowner regret was not choosing a larger home, while the biggest renter regret was continuing to rent instead of buying. Comparing the past with today Trulia conducted a similar survey in 2013 ("Woulda Shoulda Coulda: Real Estate Regrets To Avoid") and used it as a comparison point for the 2017 analysis. The company also compared sentiments between those who moved into their current home before the bottom of the housing market (in 2012) and those who moved into their current home after the bottom of the market. "The market’s wild ride has left scars since we last asked Americans what they shoulda, coulda and w...