Growing your business: Going from solo agent to team

Three pros share their best advice for growing a team and avoiding mistakes along the way
  • You can't grow efficiently without the right team members and a good system in place.
  • Overlook personal preference, and make sure you're hiring the best candidate for the right reasons.
  • If a hire isn't helping you double or triple your output within the first 90 days, he or she isn't the right person, and you should quickly move on.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Growth. Everyone wants it, but not everyone knows how to achieve it. Luckily for those looking to grow by transitioning from solo agent to team, Tuesday's Agent Connect was full of answers; Vija Williams, Keir Weimer and Danielle Lazier took the Inman stage to share some valuable insights and address questions about building a team the best way possible. Williams has a team of 10 at the Vija Group in Seattle, Washington; Weimer has been running a team of eight people in upstate New York for about two and half years; and Lazier runs a team of four at Danielle Lazier and Associates at Compass. Although each took a different path to growth and team building, they all made it happen -- and here's a little glimpse into how. How long were you solo, and what made you expand? "Judging by their ages, longer than them," Williams quipped, referred to her fellow panelists. "So, I was a solo agent for most of my career -- for about 13 years -- before I started a team, which...