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What could PR do for your real estate business?

If the only people who know about your accomplishments are friends and family, then you have opportunities ahead of you
  • Think differently: "Don't do your food drive the week of Thanksgiving and expect for the L.A. Times to come to your company and write a story about the food drive you did."
  • Find your hook: think about what makes your listing unique and special, and publicize that.

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Audie Chamberlain SAN FRANCISCO -- The last time you did something amazing in your real estate business, who learned about it? Was it a relatively small circle of your friends and family, or did you have the media paying attention to your achievements? Public relations, explained Audie Chamberlain, is the art of "interfacing" with, well, your publics. "Everyone talks about spin, and they think PR is a press release," he said. "But PR is much simpler than that. PR is just the people who you interact with in business. It's an audience out there cheering you on." But how do you scale from letting your immediate circle know what you're doing to letting the world know -- and, more importantly, how do you get the world to care? Owning your moment "It's not self-promotional," argued Chamberlain. "It's taking an energy or a moment you've been building your whole life and bringing that to people." And that's a lot easier if what you're doing isn't what everyone else is doin...