3 ways machine learning will improve your marketing

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SAN FRANCISCO -- "I'm not from the future, I'm just from Google," said Dan Siegler to a laughing Inman Connect crowd. "I can just tell you where we're placing our bets." So, what exactly is the head of industry, automotive and real estate at Google putting his bets on? Machine learning. Siegler said from the beginning of time until 2003, humankind produced approximately 5 exabytes of data. Now, we produce almost 5 exabytes of data per day. "Less than 1 percent of it is being analyzed," he said. "And machine learning is helping us get into that other 99 percent." Machine learning is under the umbrella of artificial intelligence (AI), and it specifically refers to "using algorithms and tools to facilitate and enable machines to learn," said Siegler. The algorithm Siegler is referring to is called a neural network. A neural network is comprised of code that tries to think of everything that can happen to the program. Data scientists feed loads of data into the machin...