This fire map is a safe way for NorCal residents to check their home

Satellite visual allows residents to see if their neighborhood is reachable

Robin Kraft, self-proclaimed “product/data guy with a thing for the environment,” has created a way for Northern California residents to safely check on their homes without being subjected to the dangers — smoke, debris, ash — that may be settled in their area. It’s also ideal for residents who have evacuated but don’t have the means to return quite yet.

Amid the destruction and sorrow caused by the wildfires, it seems a bit of positive news has surfaced: firefighters have been successful in containing 60 percent of the two largest fires, and weather reports indicate a chance of rain that could help extinguish additional flames.

This news may leave more residents anxious to return home — and many have already begun doing so. Fortunately, Kraft’s satellite fire map can show residents whether their neighborhood is safe enough to access.

To view the map, residents can visit Kraft’s website by clicking here, or simply search the map below.

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