The nose knows: how to deal with smelly listings

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I love the smell of freshly cut grass. It evokes memories of spending pleasant summer evenings out on my deck with friends, watching my horses frolic in lush green pastures and the sun setting in a stunning watercolor painting of gorgeous color and light. To me, the fragrance of "eau de mow" is the equivalent of bottling up the feeling of great times with amazing people in my favorite place in the world. It’s a fragrance that immediately improves even the worst day and puts a smile on my face. According to science historian Diane Ackerman, “A smell can be overwhelmingly nostalgic because it triggers powerful images and emotions before we have time to edit them.” That’s why catching a whiff of a pipe may remind you of your long-deceased grandfather or a certain perfume may remind you of a girlfriend from 30 years ago. Ackerman continues that “Each day, we breathe about 23,040 times and move around 438 cubic feet of air. It takes us about five seconds to breathe ...