Stick to the facts: Why agents should hold opinions back

You have to see the process through your clients' lenses
  • As real estate agents, we should never put our clients in a place where they must decide between following our advice or doing what they want.

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In this crazy world of real estate, you will encounter people whose choices will blow your mind. For example, I personally hate a three-level-split. Why anyone would want a living room that sits high above their dining room and hides their kitchen from the rest of the house, I’ll never know. But what I do know, as a real estate agent, is that hundreds of thousands of people find this floor plan attractive — appealing enough to buy and build these homes. Another thing that gets me is when I’m on the road between showings and I see a beautiful brand new home that’s grand and glorious with a long driveway and amazing curb appeal — nestled next to a freeway. Why would anyone choose to build such a luxe and grandeur home with the view of a highway? I don’t get it. An agent's job A great agent understands that his or her own preferences, personal choices and opinions simply don’t matter when it comes to advising a client in a real estate transaction. A savvy agent will...