Is the real estate industry stuck in a Blockbuster state of mind?

Give customers what they want, how they want it — and make it easy
  • Real estate needs to let go of old practices and blame, and embrace innovation.

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Do you remember this company? You would walk into one of its more than 9,000 stores and turn to the right as you walked to the new releases, usually in backward alphabetical order. You would then proceed to walk counter-clockwise along the outside walls around the entire store, viewing every single VHS or DVD and storing in your memory the ones you might want. You’d discuss it with your friend or family member. Most often, you would end up going back to the beginning again before making your selection. Most of us remember all the warm nostalgia that those Blockbuster Video days invoke. But ask yourself this: Where is it now? What happened to Blockbuster Video that it has shuttered almost every single store (with a few rare exceptions)? Although there are many factors in its eventual and meteoric demise, probably the no. 1 cause in its downfall was its inability or unwillingness to keep up with what the consumer wanted. Competition shows its face Two major companies ...